Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 France

A few months ago, I was very delighted to ensure a session during the Global Azure Bootcamp Paris 2017 Sat April 22th at the Montparnasse tour.


This is the first time I’m doing a conference in this event so it was a please to meet with my friends from the MVP Community who were also speakers in this event.

It was about the use of Xamarin in order to build cross platfrom application and Microsoft Azure as a backend for these applications… I have explained how to use xamarin to build an application with scalable backends hosted in Azure App Service, with support for mobile authentication, offline sync, and push notifications.

Xamarin + Azure…


The event held on 22th April was a fantastic opportunity for me to present Azure for building mobile applications and explain to the audience the importance of the use of Xamarin in order to have cross platform application !

I shared with them my story, discussed with all the audience the benefits of joining Micrsoft communities (MSPs, MVPs, MCTs…) and helped entrepreneurs accelerate by sharing my knowledge !

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