Azure AI #2: View your real-time Carbon Emissions, yes, it’s possible now with Microsoft Azure and Power BI!!

Hi everyone,

In this article, I will explain you how to view a real time Carbon emissions using Microsoft Azure and Power BI… For that purpose, I will share with you my experience and my feedback on the subject.

    Since I’m living in France, I have received last week a notification from the RATP about some process against pollution… So I have thought that it will be the same thing in every country in the world…

    The key challenge consists in establishing sufficient, high-quality dashboard about the carbon emissions in every country and since I have found an interesting example in the Azure AI Gallery (, I have used it to show these information through a power BI Dashboard.

    Deployment of the solution

    In order to deply the solution , you have to go to this website :!

    The first step consists in starting the deployment :

    You have to select the right subscription and the right location in order to continue the process.

  • Char type: bar
  • The next step consists in entring the webAPI keys :

    We have to create 2 keys.

  • The first one will be created through Watttime API :

  • The second one will be created through weather underground API :

    After that, we have to continue filling out the form fields of the second step.

    The solution is deployed successfully and you can see below the power BI dashboard which is showing the real time carbon emissions.

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